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Dr.Yess is a Strategist, Success Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Mentor, Nomadic Explorer, Knowledge Curator, Social Entrepreneur.

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We are all in this together and together we will Succeed. We MUST succeed there is no other option, So come join the MOVEMENT let’s support each other.


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Make Money by doing Good/Social Entrepreneurship

Interactive | 60 minutes
It’s highly profitable Real life examples case studies and stories What is doing good How to do good How to profit from doing good

Leadership 2020++

Seminar | 60 minutes
Awareness of changing evolving situation There is no post Covid, living during Covid is a reality Technological disruptions Leading in the digital age The new mode of organisation- a network of remote teams

Thriving in turbulent times

Seminar | 60 minutes
Identifying new opportunities Learn how to make your success inevitable Future proof multiple sources of income Reinvent yourself and learn new things

How to increase your personal Value

Seminar | 60 minutes
Become a “sought after” resource High Value, High demand skills Personal engineering Emerging technology Communication, collaboration Analytical, creative, design thinking Adaptability, Emotional intelligence


Dr. Yess has Delighted Governments, Corporates and Entrepreneurs.

Many of Dr. Yess Clients Bring Him Back Regularly To Their Organizations!

Dr. Yess comes from a well known, well respected and a well connected multi-generational merchant family.

He has held significant and important leadership roles in the Chambers of Commerce, Trade & Industry and Trade Associations, locally and Internationally.

I have known and interacted with him in my personal and professional capacities since 1986, both while I was managing business in the private sector and while I was in Government, as the
Federal Minister of State, Government of Pakistan.

Dr. Yess is well travelled, pragmatic, articulate, diligent and possesses excellent interpersonal skills. His Visionary skills support his strategic analysis; combined with his extensive and valuable experience he is well provided to be a successful Business Mentor, Business Coach and as a Strategy Consultant, given the right understanding and environment.
I recommend him highly and wish him every success.

Tariq Ikram (SI)

Former Federal Minister of State Government of Pakistan Chairman, Export Promotion Authority, Government of Pakistan Chairman, Reckitt & Banister Pakistan

Having attended one of Dr. Yess lectures recently I became aware of the power to draw on self-confidence lays deep within us all, his insightful words of wisdom directed me to greater self confidence and motivated me to go a long way towards fulfilment of my aspirations in both my personal and my professional life.

Muhammad Mahboob,

London former UK Govt Service
Dr. Yess is a truly inspiring human being. He shares real life stories. He draws from his rich diplomatic and business experience, and blends this with practical, ready to implement strategies. It is always great to listen to his wisdom.

Christian Farioli

CEO ESD Dubai, U.A.E.

6 unique reasons to book Dr. Yess

A Mentor who is dependable, engaged, authentic and more importantly a friend.

A Success Coach that will help you craft positive changes in your Life using fun and practical strategies.

Practical Strategies to implement and change your current circumstances

Finding the true metrics of success and what matters most in today’s uncertain times

Tools & Techniques to achieve a lifestyle of your dreams without burn out

To inspire, motivate dreamers and design thinkers

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